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LiveSTREAM Workshop

Learn. Be Inspired........

Have you ever wanted to share in one of Toni's classes but circumstances prevented it for any number of reasons including because you live too far away or in another country? If that's you then this entire project has been developed for you, because being with people, listening to your experiences and sharing our love of crafting is what really matters to us!

LiveSTREAM has special meaning for us and our ambition to reach out to you. Naturally you will have lots of questions, which is why we have provided 3 key sections: Why get involved, what is LiveSTREAM, and everything you need to know about how to do it? We also recognise that whilst some of you may be computer experts, that most of you will be like us with a very basic knowledge of using computers and the internet. So all the guides are simple, easy to follow and step by step.

We hope we have sparked your interest and imagination, and most of all the desire to be part of something creative and unique. Please read on so we can take this journey of discovery together............

Use the picture tabs above: why, what and how to find out more.

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