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Facebook Live - Catch Up!

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Welcome to Toni's FACEBOOK LIVE CATCH UP! Here we hope to spark your interest and imagination using Toni's Live Facebook broadcasts. Visit our Facebook page and hit the 'FOLLOW' button to receive notifications of when Toni is broadcasting live.

Live streaming is another one of the ways we connect with people from all over the world. You can watch Toni from the comfort of your own home, using your mobile phone, Tablet or Computer. On this page you can also see more about the products Toni uses in the broadcast; that way everything you need is at your fingertips!

Facebook Live - Catch Up Broadcasts......

30/08/17 - Hi Crafters, thank you to everyone who tuned in Live.  I've attached a few of the products down the right hand side, and you can find
all the FBL products under this link here.

433742 - TV SYNERGY DIE - Ornate Watercolour Frame - 280817a
433743 - TV SYNERGY DIE - Cross Stitch Frame - 280817b
433744 - TV SYNERGY DIE - Paper Stitch Frame - 280817c
433745 - TV SYNERGY DIE - Artistic Stitch Frame 1 - 280817d
427392 - TV SYNERGY DIE - Complete Tag Set - WISHES - 060717a FBL
427394 - TV SYNERGY DIE - Loving Wishes - 060717a FBL
427395 - TV SYNERGY DIE - With Love - 060717b FBL
427396 - TV SYNERGY DIE - Best Wishes - 060717c FBL