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Trade Terms & Conditions.

1. Criteria

1.1 Traders must operate a Bricks and Mortar craft shop in a recognised retail environment (This does not apply to overseas applicants). Each application will be assessed on the individual circumstances.

2. Order Value

2.1 All trade prices on this website include VAT at 20%. VAT invoices are sent with delivery.

2.2 The minimum order value is currently set at £120 including VAT. Orders below this value will not be processed. Orders over £600 including VAT, qualify for a free demo at your venue subject to arrangement with Toni Darroch (this does not apply to overseas purchases).

3. Conditions of Sale

3.1 Stamps By Me products are supplied for retail sale in your shop and on your website only (Does not apply to overseas applicants).

3.2 It is an express breach of stated terms and conditions to sell Stamps By Me products at Papercraft Shows, on Ebay (and other similar websites) or for resale onto other retailers.

4. Pre-Order

4.1 Items available for Pre-Order are not available to the public until the release date.

4.2 Images, videos and promotional information must not be taken from the trade website and published anywhere else (includng any form of social media), before the advertised release date.

5. Delivery

5.1 Orders over £30 are delivered free in the UK. Please see our standard delivery terms which apply in full to trade sales in the UK. Overseas trade postage is calculated at the time of packing, and a seperate invoice will be sent for the difference in standard overseas posatage charges.

5.2 Any discrepancies in delivery must be reported within 48 hours of receipt.

6. Currency, Taxes & Payment

6.1 All prices are quoted in pounds sterling (£). All payments are made in pounds sterling; your card provider or bank will make the currency conversion at 'their' given rate. Final costs shown on bank statements in local currency may therefore vary from 'national' exchange rates.

6.2 Orders outside of the UK which incur duties or taxes at the point of entry into the destination country are not the responsibility of Stamps By Me and must be paid by the buyer.

6.3 All orders are paid for in full prior to despatch.

6.4 VAT is currently set at 20%. Outside the UK where VAT is deemed not applicable, this will be processed at the point of selecting the delivery destination. Details of VAT exemptions can be found on the standard delivery terms.

7. Standard Terms & Conditions

7.1 Trade Terms & Conditions are in 'addition' to the full Standard Terms & Conditions. Please familiarise yourself with both. Purchases on this website constitute acceptance of these Terms & Conditions in full, without exception.


Company Information

Company number: 08858275 Registered company name: Stamps by Me