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About us

Our Creative Journey

Making stuff matters......

As you encounter our products, workshop and website you may wonder who, why, and how we do what we do in this beautiful industry? Here you can find some of the principles that guide our every step. If you want to know more, then you will have to share yourself with us by getting in touch.

Our Vision..... is to inspire in others the desire to express themselves through this art we call papercrafting. To provide products and services that unleash individual creative power, along with the determination to hone and master the skills and techniques in the industry.

Our Values..... enthusiastic and supportive. Beyond this - open, honest, humble and appreciative in all things.

Our Products..... if you see a product on this website or in our workshop, it will be there because we believe it represents outstanding quality and value for money. It will have a well defined use and a place in our creative journey.

Our People..... treat all fairly, with consideration, respect and dignity. Making stuff matters because we truly value you.

Our Resources.....We are eternally grateful to you for enabling us to sustain our creative journey. This means we can continue to turn our dreams into reality and hopefully inspire you.

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