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Design Team

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Stamps By Me - Design Team

Are you different? Life is full of differences - shaped by culture, experience, relationships, family and all manner of events in time.

But are you really different? I like to think that as we grow older we develop as people in a way that can only be described as completely unique to us. Sadly some of this can be borne out of real hardship and tragedy, but equally moments of intense joy and happiness, just like when my son Tom said 'Thank you mummy' for the first time at only 1 year old!

How we express our differences brings me onto the subject of 'paper-crafting'. However different we all are, in this beautiful art we share a common value. Who could ever believe the power of paper, glitter, glue and ink! For me at least my greatest pursuit, which will forever remind me of my loved ones passed, present, hope, faith and the incredible beauty of nature around us.

So then onto my fabulous Design Team If you haven't already guessed, I truly love people and what makes us different. I can say in the most humbled way possible that the members of my Design Team are special people, not just because they know their way around paper-crafting but because I'm privileged to know them as those who have lived life. They too are humble creatures, therefore this page is dedicated to championing them, their lives and their powerful art. You can read about them here and you can see their magic for yourselves - be warned it's inspiring stuff!


Elaine Mellor

I'm forty years old and I've been crafting for just over 11 years. I love it because I find it so relaxing. Card making and altering mixed media are two of my favourite things. I'm also a big fan of stamps and paper.

I've got quite a simple style, and I love to create things that other crafters' can easily replicate. I adore all things Christmas and make many different things from place-cards to gifts and tags. The Christmas magic never has to stop...... x


Karen Whittaker

I live in North Kent, I have two daughters and a grandaughter who I look after several days a week, when I'm not working at pre-school.

I've been crafting for about 5 to 6 years and initially started card-making. I soon became addicted and have since moved onto stamping, working with MDF, canvasses and generally anything inky and messy. I now have my own little piece of heaven..... a CRAFT ROOM! so life is good... xx


Heather Learmonth

All my friends call me Hev, I was born in Scotland but have lived in Sheffield since I was 6 years old. I'm a fifty something mother of two and I care for my young grandson Blake who lives with us, oh and our (my) 3 cats!

I have a busy family life as you can imagine, but second to this is my passion for crafting. I've dabbled in knitting, cross-stitch, card-making and scrapbooking. I love making personalised cards for friends and family, I also make bespoke wedding stationary. Making MDF projects is another craft I really enjoy

My real addiction though is making mini books and albums to store my photos. Em, it has completely taken over...... x


Marilyn Leat

My husband Ray and I emigrated to Wakefield after he broke his back in an industrial accident. We needed somewhere without stairs, so we sold up and moved closer to my mum and sisters. We don't see our son and grandchildren as much as we would like because they live so far away - so I've developed something to keep me out of trouble!

Scrapbooking was my first dabble but I have since become addicted to anything connected to papercrafting! I also love stamping and my copics. Now - I'm on a wonderful journey of discovery in the world of watercolouring.

I only live around the corner from Toni's workshop, and for those of you who are jealous, you've every right to be, I spend as much time there as I can! Oh and just one other thing to add, which I'm sure we all identify with - I must stop buying gadgets! x