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Eureka 101 - Watercoloring

Welcome to the Eureka 101 - Watercoloring and Scoring Tablet

If you love watercolouring this is the solution to so many of lifes little problems - Join us on our creative journey!

Eureka 101 - Toni's Message Board

If you love this product you can add it to cart from this page, and also near the bottom of the page you can apply for an installment plan, which makes it much more affordable.

If there's anyone from the Channel Islands, U.S.A. Canada, Australia and New Zealand thinking about treating themselves to this lovely product, please note that you won't be charged VAT at the checkout, and once the standard delivery price has been added, it actually works out cheaper to buy it from your location than from within the UK itself. I hope we have been able to make our wonderful watercolouring tablet as accessible as we possibly can....xx

Exciting news....the Eureka 101 'PICTURE POSTCARD' is now available. This is a fantastic watercolouring and stamping aid - find out more at the bottom of the page!

My Creative Journey
The hobby of crafting in its many forms has been described as undergoing a renaissance. You may be wondering what that really means? Well I'm not a historian but it is a reference to a bridge between the old and the modern. The original renaissance was a time in history when the great skills and crafts of old were eventually combined with modern developments in science and thinking.
Papercrafting has been reborn in the last few years, no doubt about it, but the test has always been how to challenge those traditional skills to the next level, and in so doing still preserve the fundamentals of the 'hands on experience' and the 'personal reward' it brings. The industry has made lots of innovations around technology, but for me the really important stuff is the basics, such as watercolouring, beautiful images, vibrant and dextrous inks, and tools and innovations which 'enable' the artist, the student, and everyone else in between to express themselves in the beauty of papercrafting.
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So that brings me onto my latest innovation the Eureka 101. I have always had an insatiable appetite for problem solving in order to empower others to express themselves differently. The ultimate test of whether it really does is 'how simple and effective' the solution is.
'Eureka' - really was a moment for me, the solution to many problems. I think I might actually have shouted it out loud. The tool which would give all those traditional skills such as watercolouring a rebirth. The solution was simple and effective, made from modern materials refined through cutting edge engineering principles.
And so my renaissance was born with the 101 - the start of a new journey of discovery for me and all those of you who wish to join me. This tool quite literally is the pick up and go to crafting station. It does everything you need from the 'basics' right up to the 'adventurous' and frankly amazing, oh and you don't even need to plug it in.
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Eureka 101 - A Watercolouring Tablet
Features - a stylish watercolour pallet incorporated within the edge of the tool. Large platform, centralised, giving clear space for art work to be positioned in place. 9 mixing stations to create unique colours. Secure space to hold paint brush. Nylon paint brush with clear handle included. Nylon brush can been used with many mediums, acrylic, watercolour and oil paints. 12 x 12" Clear acrylic door creating plenty of space which can be used as a mixing station to create further colours. Clear folding door wipes perfectly clean and does not stain. Precision etched art work on the door to assist with straight lines for artists who love to paint landscape and portrait pictures. Magnets provided to hold artist paper in place should they wish to be creative outdoors!
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Scoring Station
Features - 9 x 9" score board with measurements in 1/8" increments. Giving scope to make more than just card bases. On the reverse of the score board is a box template allowing you to make matching boxes and frames. The score board fits securely inside the tool allowing precision scoring every time. No more slips causing wonky lines. Most other score boards slip on surfaces. The score board allows you to frame your art work and create depth to any projects you create.

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Stamping Station
Features - magnetic bar to hold card stock in place. Foam mat included giving you the capability to stamp with rubber or clear stamps. Card sizes etched on the door to ensure centralised stamping. Techniques - die cut placement, layering, watercoloring, gradation stamping. Mirror image stamping. Precision stamping and so on.


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The Eureka 101 has been designed primarily with colour in mind. Learn all about primary and secondary colours and how to mix these to make endless combinations using our free colour guide. Full instructions on how to use all of the features of our tablet are included.

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The Great Outdoors
The Eureka 101 Watercolouring tablet has been carefully designed so you can take your watercolouring to the GREAT OUTDOORS.  The magnets will hold your artwork in place and prevent any mishaps in windy weather.  The artists trays can be used to house your paints, and the acrylic folding door has been designed so you can use it as a mixing station.  You can preload your artists trays with a drop or two of the Generation Inx colours you desire, let them dry out, and then when you are good to go just add a drop of water to reactivate them.  This can save you having to brings inks with you.
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Use the 'add to cart' and 'checkout' as normal if you want to make a single payment for this item. Alternatively use the instalment plan below.

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This nifty tool is the perfect travel companion for stamping and watercolouring. The artists wooden canvass is designed for taping down watercolour card. This process stops watercolour cardstock from cockling (warping), whilst adding water and paints. When the project is complete you simply remove the board, allow the project to dry and then peel back the tape. This leaves a perfectly shaped cardstock and project for mounting or sending as a card or tag.

The wooden artists board fits securely in the tool and is the perfect canvass for attaching artwork that will get wet. The magnetic bar holds your cards securely in place, and the foam mat allows you to stamp with either rubber or clear stamps (with the artists canvass board removed). Within the Eureka Picture Postcard, you'll discover a large, centralised space where your artwork can be positioned, as well as 8 mixing stations where you can create unique colours, and a secure space to hold your artist brush (included in the bundle). This tool is ideal for wet painting techniques, such as watercolour, smooth wash, dry painting, gouache, tempera and acrylic.

The tool doubles as a stamping station enabling the following stamping techniques: Background stamping, layering, wet on wet, dry brush, scenes, mirror image, accurate stamping, washes, die cut placement and stencil stamping.

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